Into The Shadows

Black & White, is the oldest style of photography. This is a creative process, with photos that can show strength with high contrast or they can be soft and gentle. These photos showcased has a way of letting the viewer really experience the image. 

A Smug Snowy Owl

Songbirds, Raptors & Feathered Friends

Every songbird has its' song, as every raptor has beauty in its' flight. From the haunting cry of the loon to an eagle soaring upon the wind currents. Bird lore has been in our history since the beginning. They are an important part of Native American tradition, as they serve as messengers from the Creator, between humans and the spirit world.

Virginia Lake Maine

Life As It Should Be

Here in New England, our seasons come and go, yet landscapes are always changing as they can be often vast and unending. From the stillness of the winter, flowers that adorn gardens, sunsets and waterfalls, the beauty of Mother Earth can always be found.

The Girl in the Mist

What Lies Beyond The Mist

Paddling in the mist, and places of interest. There are some things one may never see unless they explore the hidden places that are and are not on the beaten path.  These photos all come together on exciting adventures!

Shell Mates

All Things Big & Small

Reptiles and insects offer spectacular colors and structures to photograph. One can find them in the woods, fields, or just about everywhere. If you get close enough, although some can be quite skittish, you never know just what you will discover.

Nubble Lighthouse

The Rocky Coast of Maine

The sea, a symbol of power, shrouded in mystery, simply stands for life itself. From its’ rocky shoreline to the lighthouses that guide our mariner’s way, the fury of the sea, can show us how involved with nature and the elements we can be.

Shy Red Fox

Wild & Free

Everything in nature is wild, from a mother doe with her fawns, or the curious fox peeking through the grass, its wildlife in their natural habitat. To experience some of this wildness and the freedom that it shows, it is one of the more challenging and rewarding forms of photography for me. It is through these photos that I try to showcase the beauty and wonder of nature.