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"Go deep into the wilderness, into the wildness of nature....

For it is there where you will find me, 

Listening to the Spirits of Mother Earth.

And in the wilderness, where time seems to stand still....

It is here, that all things mysterious, await to be seen".

~ Donna Knowles ~ (c) 2020

Donna is an award-winning nature photographer, specializing in wildlife photography. Donna’s favorite ways to capture wildlife images is in her kayak in remote bodies of water or by hiking various trails.

As one who follows her Native American heritage, she is always mindful of her presence and impact in nature. She lives by the rules of “do no harm” and “stay at a safe distance when observing wildlife.” She teaches that we must be aware that we have the potential to disrupt and even threaten an animal’s habitat and way of life. Donna honors every single moment photographing these animals. She respects that these moments are about the lives of the animals and their survival in the vastness of the wilderness. One of her favorite saying is, “It’s not always about getting the photo. Sometimes we are just to witness, observe and learn.”

Donna is passionate about sharing her knowledge by teaching about wildlife habitats, animal behavior and the relationships shared with Mother Earth. She also enjoys helping people understand the wisdom/spirituality the animal totems are imparting to us.

Donna is always up for an adventure when it involves being in nature; she will always be out exploring all that there is to see. Donna can be found on Instagram and Facebook, and has her own blogspot coming soon.

Donna Knowles Photography is in Buxton Maine.

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