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"Go deep into the mist, into the wildness of nature....

For it is there where you will find me, 

Listening to the Spirits of Mother Earth.

And in the mist, where time seems to stand still....

It is here, that all things mysterious, await to be seen".

~ Donna Knowles ~ (c) 2020

Welcome… In my works, I try to show others what it is like to see and feel the emotions of Mother Earth through the lens of the camera. From watching the curious fox peeking through the grass, or an eagle soaring upon the wind currents, its wildlife in their natural habitat. To experience and capture the fury of the waves that break upon the rocky coastline or the beauty of the sun setting along the horizon.... Mother Earth gives us the chance to see her in many ways, and this is what my photography is about. It is important to me that we capture these moments that may never come again, so that we may educate and preserve them for future generations to come.

I believe that the journey is meant to be experienced, lived, and documented. In my photos, I try to educate while capturing the wildness of Mother Earth, I feel that there needs to be a balance in how the photo is taken, especially when it comes to wildlife. I do not ever get close to any animal, as I respect their home. As a nature photographer, specializing in wildlife, when I enter an animal’s habitat, I am always mindful that I have the potential to disrupt or even threaten an animal’s way of life. First rule is do no harm, stand at a safe distance. Every single moment is about their lives, their survival in the vastness of the wilderness, and it’s always not about getting the photo. Sometimes we are just to witness, observe and learn.


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Donna Knowles Photography is in Buxton Maine.

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